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Weather, flights aid post-Thanksgiving travel efforts

NEW YORK (AP) — Tens of millions of Americans returning home after the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend Sunday had cooperative weather and mostly efficient airport operations to thank for smooth traveling conditions.

Besides a winter storm that will bring freezing rain and snow to the central Plains Sunday night and into Monday, weather across much of the country is seasonably mild, said National Weather Service meteorologist Bruce Sullivan.

Highway patrols and state transit officials across the country advised drivers to budget extra time, particularly during the peak travel hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., in anticipation of heavy volume of cars on the road.


HIV-positive doctor says his dog saved his life

The news came after he’d already survived kidney cancer and a breakup with his longtime partner.

At first, he told almost no one about his HIV status — not even his own elderly mother, who sensed that her son was struggling mightily during a Christmas visit in 2010.

Garofalo recalls crying on much of the flight home to Chicago in a catharsis that led him to an unexpected decision, one that helped him in ways no human could and ultimately led him to a new role in the HIV community.

The doctor, who’s helped save many an AIDS patient, knows it sounds a little crazy that the companionship and simple needs of a pet could help him cope with his disease and pull him out of depression.

Eventually, Garofalo sought counseling and told his mother and friends about his HIV status.

Participants whose images are in the show include a young mother from Los Angeles who was born with HIV, a Chicago man who tested positive after he was gang raped, and an HIV-positive man in San Francisco who quit dealing drugs so he could provide a more stable life for himself and his newly adopted dog.

The child is not HIV-positive thanks to medical interventions that can now prevent the spread of the virus from mother to infant.

[…] with new, less complicated treatments, many people are living healthy, productive lives with the AIDS virus.

Even a matter of months ago, and although he’d gone public with his HIV status, Garofalo did not want to talk about how he suspects he contracted the virus because he doesn’t want to inadvertently imply that people who’ve gotten the virus through drug use or consensual sex deserve to be shamed.

“Rob is a hero,” says the Rev. Stan Sloan, CEO of Chicago House, an organization that provides homeless services to HIV-positive people and others.

An HIV-positive teen in Los Angeles recently wrote Garofalo a letter to thank him and his Fred-inspired charity for providing money so he could buy a much-needed pair of shoes.

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Wisconsin school nixes reading of book about transgender kid

(AP) — A southern Wisconsin elementary school cancelled a planned reading of a children’s book about a transgender girl after a group threatened to sue.

Last week, the principal of Mount Horeb Primary Center sent a letter to parents saying the book would be read and discussed because the school has a student who identifies as a girl but was born with male anatomy.

The school district was closed Friday, and emails to the superintendent, elementary school principal and others were not immediately returned to The Associated Press.

Year after death, Michael Brown lies in relative obscurity

Fifteen months after the black 18-year-old’s killing by a white Ferguson police officer made him a key figure in the debate over the treatment of blacks by U.S. law enforcement, though, Brown lies buried in relative obscurity.

The unfolding wrongful-death lawsuit that McSpadden and Brown’s father filed against Ferguson, the St. Louis suburb’s former police chief and Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Brown during an August 2014 confrontation.

The Justice Department later cleared Wilson, concluding that evidence backed his claim that he shot Brown in self-defense after Brown tried to grab his gun during a struggle through the window of Wilson’s police vehicle, then came toward him threateningly after briefly running away.

Among the more famous people buried there are Negro League baseball player James Thomas “Cool Papa” Bell, who was considered among the fastest players ever, and Wendell Oliver Pruitt, a pioneering black military pilot and Tuskegee Airman killed during a 1945 training exercise.

Baumgartner believes reporters make up most of those looking to see Brown’s final resting place — at least often enough that he has a ready stash of photocopied maps in the cemetery office, each with a black line directing them to Brown’s spot among a section of low, undistinctive headstones.


In DC, public housing tenants forced out, then homes flipped

The city’s public housing authority is getting in on the action — moving aging tenants out of homes where they’ve lived for decades, renovating them and selling them to wealthy buyers.

[…] in 2010, when the city’s real-estate market began to rebound after the Great Recession, the agency started treating the properties as real-estate investors would — gutting, rehabbing and selling them for as much as the market can bear.

Brooks and her son said the housing authority threw away many of her belongings — including a washing machine, furniture, clothing and personal documents.

The authority disputes this account, but Brooks’ next-door neighbor, Jon Wadsworth, told The Associated Press he watched as employees threw the belongings away.

The authority took over management of the scattered sites — originally intended as an alternative to conventional public housing — from city government in the mid-1990s when the city’s financial struggles prompted a takeover by Congress.

[…] it has been selling them off gradually with HUD approval.

Sunia Zaterman, executive director of the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities, said housing authorities nationwide have been “chronically underfunded” by the federal government and use creative financing strategies to maintain their properties — including selling their scattered sties and using private-sector investment to fund renovations and new construction.

Selling the homes is a responsible way for the agency to manage its assets, housing authority spokesman Richard White said.

Because the authority hasn’t been maintaining the homes, some tenants have picked up the slack.

Obama: US leadership helping global fight on climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Sunday that American leadership was helping make gains in the global fight against climate change as he tried to reassure world leaders assembling for a historic conference in Paris that the U.S. can deliver on its own commitments.

“What makes this gathering different is that more than 180 nations have already submitted plans to reduce the harmful emissions that help cause climate change, and America’s leadership is helping to drive this progress,” Obama said in a Facebook posting hours before his scheduled late-night arrival in the French capital.

At the summit’s opening Monday, Obama was to join French President Francois Hollande and philanthropist Bill Gates for an announcement about an initiative to spend billions of dollars over the next five years on developing clean energy technology, a French official and a former U.S. official told The Associated Press.

[…] on the agenda were sessions with the leaders of a few island nations, to highlight “the existential challenge” they face from rising sea levels, in the words of the president’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes.