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Genes play a key part in the recipe for a happy country

Why are the Danes naturally more cheerful than the Brits, and why are we in turn more upbeat than the French? Research presented as part of this year’s ESRC Festival of Social Sciences shows us that the recipe behind a happy nation includes a list of ingredients – including increased equality, a fair and just welfare state, and trustworthy institutions and politicians – but specific genetic factors can have a significant effect.

Google DeepMind acquisition researchers working on a Neural Turing Machine

Officials with Google have revealed that researchers working on a start-up recently purchased by the tech giant are working on building what they call a Neural Turing Machine—an artificial intelligence based computer system that seeks to fulfill the idea of a Turing Machine. Teams with the project (called DeepMind) have thus far uploaded two papers to the arXiv preprint server—one describing the idea of their new machine, the other explaining related findings in Recurrent Neural Networks and Long-Short Term Memory Units.

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What’s causing the recent string of data breaches?

It’s Cyber Security Awareness month, which has me wondering: are we doing all we can to protect our data? To help answer this question, I sat down with Girish Bhat of Wave Systems—an important collaborator of Micron’s—to talk all things encryption. Bhat is an encryption guru (AKA, Director of Product Marketing); he shed some light on how data breaches have evolved over the last few years, he waxed poetic about the role of hardware encryption within the bigger “security package,” and he stressed the importance of standards and specifications to securing user data. Read our conversation below.


Asteroid Apophis could experience landslides when it passes near Earth

( —A team of space scientists with members from the U.S., China and France has found via computer modeling that an asteroid due to pass close to Earth in 2029 is likely to experience minor landslides. In their paper published in the journal Icarus, the researchers describe the data they input into their model and what the simulation showed.

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