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Space: The final frontier… open to the public

Historically, spaceflight has been reserved for the very healthy. Astronauts are selected for their ability to meet the highest physical and psychological standards to prepare them for any unknown challenges. However, with the advent of commercial spaceflight, average people can now fly for enjoyment. The aerospace medicine community has had very little information about what medical conditions or diseases should be considered particularly risky in the spaceflight environment, as most medical conditions have never been studied for risk in space—until now.

NASA releases IRIS footage of X-class flare (w/ Video)

On Sept. 10, 2014, NASA’s newest solar observatory, the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, or IRIS, mission joined other telescopes to witness an X-class flare – an example of one of the strongest solar flares—on the sun. Combing observations from more than one telescope helps create a much more complete picture of such events on our closest star. Watch the movie to see how the flare appears different through the eyes of IRIS than it does through NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Scientists play key role in developing new Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index

UCLA atmospheric scientists were instrumental in the creation of the Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index—a new tool to classify the fire threat potential of the powerful, hot, dry Santa Ana wind, which can turn a spark into an inferno. The index was introduced Sept. 17 by the U.S. Forest Service, in collaboration with UCLA and San Diego Gas and Electric.

Power isn’t enough: Study reveals the missing link for effective leadership

With the National Football League in full damage-control mode, there are many questions about how the NFL’s leader handled the Ray Rice case. Was Goodell ignoring the pleas of stakeholders—former NFL players, the media and domestic violence groups—when deciding on a two game penalty? The answer may lie in a study out today by Columbia Business School.